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3534 Route 82 Millbrook, NY 12545

Our Center


Tranquil location

Nestled on 6.5 acres in beautiful Dutchess County, NY. Our home facilities provide a place for personal reflection and relaxation. Hiking trails, a fresh water lake, and vegetable gardens are at your fingertips.




Comfortable Rooms & Amenities

Our standard rooms and suites are well suited to accommodate your stay at Beacon of Hope. Jacuzzi tubs, steam room, hot tub, and massage services are available.




Successful Health programs

We teach the cause of diseases, its prevention, and its cure based on Biblical principles. Our programs provide broader awareness of what constitutes good health.

Our Work Team


Beacon of Hope houses certified professionals and staff members who care about your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. We are committed to educate on all facets of health, allowing you to live independent of synthetic treatments and medicines.


Jerry JamelThis is the image of Jerry Jamel. The founder of Beacon of Hope.

Natural Health Researcher/Educator/Certified Lifestyle Coach


Jerry Jamel is the Founder of Beacon of Hope Rejuvenation Lifestyle Center.  He is a Certified Nutritionist. As a Certified Nutritionist, Jerry provides both personalized support to individuals, as well as community education to spread the word about how food, nutrition and lifestyle changes impacts ones health: physically, mentally and spiritually.



Anna rodriguez-Jamel This is the image of Anna Rodriguez-Jamel. The cofounder of Beacon of Hope.

Natural Health Researcher/Educator


Anna Rodriguez-Jamel is the Co-founder and administrator of the Beacon of Hope Rejuvenation Lifestyle Center. As a former EMT she keeps up with the "medical" aspect of the Lifestyle Center. She continues to pursue education in the areas of nutrition, marriage counseling, use of essential oils and herbology.







experience in the field


Jerry and Anna have over 30 years experience in the medical and health research field. They teach monthly classes in various locations and have made it their life's mission to help others how to be disease-free and live a healthy lifestyle based on biblical principles. Topics range from elaborating on common medical diseases like cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive issues, and cardiovascular issues; hydrotherapy, demonstrating healthy cooking habits and live food preparation, use of herbs, anatomy & physiology, and detailing the 10 Laws of Health.


Jerry is an Elder and both Jerry and Anna were leaders of the Family Ministry Department and the Health and Temperance Department at the Poughkeepsie Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  They facilitated monthly seminars for couples and families.


In the capacity of Health & Temperance Leaders, they gave monthly health lectures and demonstrations for the church members and the community.  As Family Life Leaders, they held lectures on various topics that affect families – such as building healthy relationships, life after divorce, step-parenting, relating to teens, grief and loss, communication skills, caring for aging parents, stress management, etc.


They are available for lectures at your facility/church.






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