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What our customers say.



What our customers say.

“Hi Jerry! This is Natacha....I know it's only day 1 on my own but just wanted to let you know it's going great so far. I feel amazing! I woke up refreshed and have so much energy today. Normally I would just be getting out of bed but today I've already accomplished so much. I wanted to thank you again for everything. You and your family's ministry are true blessings!! I'll keep in touch."


- Natacha T.

“My time spent at Beacon of Hope LRC with Jerry, Anna and Tayna was great. I like the treatment and guidance on how to become healthy and live longer, and also to see through what is possible with nutrition. The lectures, videos and family environment is fabulous. I will definitely recommend Beacon of Hope LRC program to anyone and all my friends. I will be coming back with my family soon. Life saving program ! "


- Dominic N.

“The entire experience was truly remarkable. This re-treat was a weekend getaway that really provided with so much insight that I would recommend anyone who wants to really feel energized to visit your facility."


- Arcel M.

“Their holistic approach to better health not only makes you a better person but also educate you on how to maintain that ever so important habit of staying healthy. The atmosphere is incredibly pleasant and private."


- Karl G.

“From morning walk-runs with Jerry to steam baths and  massages and Anna’s fantastic smoothies, we were definitely bless and rejuvenated. Beacon of Hope is worth your time and energy."



- Joseph and Wendy T

“The tranquility and atmosphere of the county where Beacon of Hope is located helps us to live happy and healthy. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who’s interested in their health."



- Jose C. and Daisy L.

“I really learned so much about what it takes to be truly healthy. The steam cleansing process and the detoxification process helped me so much. I remember feeling brand new leaving their facility on Sunday. I would highly recommend Beacon of Hope."


- Gina S.

“Beacon of Hope is truly a guiding light to those of us who need to reboot our unhealthy lifestyles to a new start.  Jerry & Anna’s home is warm, their attention to your care is professional and their knowledge and expertise shows you God’s answers to having a work-life balance.  I’ll be back!"


- Jacqueline

“Coming to Beacon of Hope was one of the better decisions I made in my life. I always thought I was healthy until I came. When I saw how messed up my blood and system was, I was humbled.  I learned a lot and I was blessed physically and spiritually. I hope to continue on the healthy path with God’s help. Hopefully I can help a few others. The Jamel’s are a blessing and I thank God for their ministry and I pray that they will continue to help and bless others."


- Violet B.

I came to Beacon of Hope to relax, rejuvenate and get my blood glucose under control.  My plan was to institute a lifestyle change that I’d be able to continue once I returned home. Jerry,Tayna and Anna have a wealth of knowledge and were very instrumental in my reaching and exceeding my goals. The Detox, walks, meal preps, lectures were great.  I was able to bring my glucose down 100 points in the first day ! My pH levels are balanced.  I am energized, rested and restored. To God be the glory.


- Alice G.

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